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Maintaining your health should be a top priority throughout your life, and doing so in your later years is perhaps even more important given the various health complications that come with aging. For men over the age of 40, there are a number of ways to stay healthy and fit, all of which are easier said than done. The following tips are highly recommended for middle-aged men in order to best protect themselves from the problems and diseases they are more prone to now than they were at younger ages.

Get Tested Regularly

Making time for doctor’s appointments can be difficult, but it is crucial to receive the proper tests and screenings that can detect serious health issues early on. Among the most important are blood tests, prostate exams, cholesterol tests, and screening checking testosterone levels.

Having blood pressure tested is crucial, as even extreme cases can go unnoticed. High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack, stroke, complications with the lungs and kidneys, and damaged blood vessels. Testing your blood sugar levels is also important to screen for diabetes, or for symptoms that may lead to the development of diabetes. Untreated diabetes can have extremely damaging effects on one’s body, including issues with the nervous system, mental health complications, and heart problems.

Testing for Low T is another extremely important aspect in older men’s health, as low levels can directly cause erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight gain, and even bone deterioration. Screening for this is as simple as having your blood or saliva checked.


This is often much easier said than done for middle-aged men in the business world. Stress is a common problem for those in their 40’s or 50’s, and it can be brought on by nearly every aspect of one’s life. Managing these levels can be challenging. Dangerous levels of stress is known to lead to heart disease, which is the most common cause of death for men between the ages of 45 and 52. In order to destress, consider taking up meditation or yoga. The relaxing powers of these ancient practices can have a surprising effect on one’s lifestyle. If you’d prefer to remain active, simply exercising can lower your stress levels.

Eat Healthy

It’s something we actively avoid when we’re younger. The practice of eating your fruits and vegetables is almost always instilled at a young age. While it is vital for children to receive the proper nutrients that support growth, it is just as important for older adults to do the same for their health. Sensitivity to stronger foods is something men begin to notice one they are “over the hill.” Be mindful of your salt, sugar, and fat intake, as all of these can contribute to problems with vital organs. Look into healthier alternatives for ways you can pay attention to your nutrition without compromising the more tempting meals.